Hi, I'm Ava Rose

I am a San Francisco born Brooklynite with a big appetite. I feel most at home in the kitchen; with an apron on, hovering over the stove or with a mixing bowl cradled in one arm, a spatula in the other. My life so far has been marked by movement. Whether that be through moving homes from the west coast to the east coast, or finding familiar comfort in learning to adapt to frequently flying at a young age when visiting my family in the UK, Spain, and France. I have always found myself to stray away from staying stagnant. And every place I go, every new setting I find myself adapting too, or calling home, leaves an impression. I find this shows itself in my cooking. 

I am an undergrad at the University of Vermont studying Global Studies and Anthropology, although I am currently spending a semester abroad at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. 

I love pie. A lot. Probably too much, but pie making is where I found my calling to bake. I have worked at the fantastic Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop in Brooklyn, where the wonderful bakers there have helped me secure confidence in myself that maybe this is something I actually can do. So anyways be prepared for lots of pie recipes. 

Kith and Kin is my online food and travel journal. This blog will be dedicated to sharing with the world stories about the places I go, the people I meet, and the food I eat. The recipes I will post here will most likely be a mishmash of personal creations and those borrowed from culinary masters I admire. This will primarily be a personal learning platform. A record of my blunders and (hopefully some) successes along the way to developing my relationship with baking. 


Email: kithandkin.connect@gmail.com