36 hours in stockholm: part two

Day Two:
9 am:
We woke up around 9 am and were out pretty early. Knowing this was going to be our only full day in Stockholm we wanted to enjoy it as best we could, as take in some of the city without feeling too overwhelmed by a list of sites to see or things to do. So first we decided to visit Fabrique Bakery on Rosenlundsgatan, only a few blocks away from the hostel, for an early morning kanelbullar, the cardamon spiced version of a kanelbulle. After picking up our pastries we headed over to the west side of the island for breakfast at Pom och Flora

10:30 am: We decided to visit Pom och Flora twice for breakfast because we found the dishes relatively cheap considering how expensive Scandinavia is known to be, and because the wholesomeness of the food they offered simply made us feel good and prepared to take on a day of exploring Stockholm; and when traveling it can be difficult to remember to take care of yourself by eating right, so this place was a blessing in that regard. This time I had one of their blueberry-acai smoothie bowls with carob, coconut, and cornflakes, while Onni had the acai smoothie bowl with chia pudding, cinnamon roasted buckwheat, sliced banana and coconut. 

11:30 am: At this point we were getting to finish our delicious breakfast, and having spotted a few stores that we didn't have a chance to visit the day before, decided to head to these places before continuing with our day. Our first stop, only a block down from the cafe on Bondegatan, was Dr. Denim Gallery, a really cute and affordable denim shop. I managed to buy a pair of white denim overalls, something I have been after for a very long time. After the denim shop we went to the flagship Swedish Hasbeens store on Nytorgsgatan, where we had the pleasure of chatting with the owner and creator of the shoe line. Having been a huge fan of Hasbeens for a really long time, this was really a treat for us. After trying on a few pairs (just for fun, I'm a little too broke for that..) we checked out this really cool confectioners next door, Pärlan's. This 1950's style confections has a lovely interior with an exposed kitchen where you can see the girls busting out caramels fresh, very cool and reminded me a lot of Four and Twenty Blackbirds, which I miss very much and can't wait to return to when I get home. 

1:30 pm: After doing a bit of shopping and wandering, we headed over to Götgatan, one of the busiest shopping streets of Södermalm, and a great path to the Old Town. We followed Götgatan until we reached the top of the island where you have views of Old Town and the main island of Stockholm City. We crossed the bridge over to Old Town, where we wandered it's brightly colored streets, stopping in Chokladkoppen for a hot chocolate. A bit of a tourist stop, but this cafe is housed in two lovely buildings and has seating overlooking the square of Stortorget. Although Old Town is a bit overrun with tourist shops its gorgeous buildings are worth the visit. We only passed through Old Town, which was enough for me, but if you are a fan of architecture this city's Old Town has something to offer. 

4 pm: At this point we were making our way to Skeppsholmen, the tiny island between Östermalm and Södermalm that is home to the Moderna Museet. This island is worth visiting not only for its museums and galleries but also because it has lovely views of the city from many angles. After visiting the museum we also enjoyed exploring the island and its parks, resting on some of its piers to take in the view. We originally wanted to go to the Östermalm Saluhall for dinner, but not budgeting our time well enough resulted in us missing its closing time of 6pm, which in turn resulted in us resorting to a less favorable option that we just won't mention here... The one thing that you will want to be aware of when visiting this island is to mind your time, so that you can visit the food market for dinner, maybe pick up something to go and enjoy it sitting by the water near the piers. Despite our mishap with dinner, we thoroughly enjoyed ending our day on Skeppsholmen, and when I visit Sweden again in the future, which I intend to do if not only to be in this lovely city once again but also to explore more of what this country has to offer, I will be sure to visit this lovely little island, and take in the views of the city while the sun sets over its ochre colored buildings.