A note on brunch: kember & jones

Onni and I always keep an eye out for good (and "affordable", yes I know mom...) food spots to occasionally treat ourselves at. A few weeks ago when we went on our Friday stroll to the Kelvingrove museum we located Kember & Jones down Byres. Immediately when we entered, just to scope the place out, we were drawn in by the mountain of white and pink meringues, the wall of freshly baked bread, and the stacks of cookbooks, and other miscellaneous pantry items that filled the shelves lining the left wall. 

I love breakfast food. I love breakfast food as much as Leslie Knope loves just waffles. Brunching is a pretty bourgeois thing, I know. But give me a plate of hot french toast with fresh cream and berries, or a frittata with caramelized onions and goat cheese,  and you have a very happy girl. Also when you are running on roughly 4 hours of sleep from the night before and need some serious rejuvenating before going out into the world to be a functioning, productive, and contributing member of society, brunch is a must.  

The day was dreary; wet, cold, complete opposite from the sunshine weather we had been receiving for the past week. Inside at our little table next to the window it was warm. Onnika ordered a cappuccino, which arrived hot with flakes of chocolate sprinkled over the top, slowly melting into the blend of frothy expresso. I ordered myself a breakfast tea, as I had not yet made myself a cup and usually I cannot go a day without consuming a few cups of english breakfast, piping hot with a dash of milk, no sugar. I am the kind of person who constantly battles within over ordering for brunch, as I am drawn to both the sweet and the savory, and usually need a balance of both in order to feel complete. 

For Onnika:
Warm sourdough toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, dill, and cracked black pepper
Rhubarb and Vanilla muffin
For Ava:
Warm sourdough toastie with Wiltshire ham, gruyere, and mustard
Warm nutella brioche with roasted hazelnuts and banana

Really enjoying your meal is a wonderful feeling. That warm sensation you get when a good meal fills you up and comforts against the cold outside, was exactly what we needed. We lingered in our seats for awhile after we finished our meal, partly because we were half incapacitated from all the food and partly because we didn't realize you were supposed to pay up at the counter (a trend here in the UK that I am still not used to), we browsed some of the cookbooks they have on display and eyed the pastries on display for future pickings. I love to find new food spots, and I am delighted to have found a place so close to home. I'll be going back to Kember & Jones soon, and I recommend that you do as well if you are ever on Byres in the West End of Glasgow.