Through the glen & below the ben: part 2 ~ window scenes

Where in purple hue, the hielan' hills we view, An' the moon comin' out in the gloamin'. 

I decided to dedicate a whole series just to the photos I took through my bus window, because there is something captivating to me about the way each of these photos turned out; their peaceful sentiment contrasts greatly with the fast paced, hectic way in which they were taken. These photos reveal scenes of total natural beauty that are completely uninfluenced by myself and everyone who surrounded me on the bus. When you look at the mountains, the streams, and the little houses that dotted the glens, you feel small and insignificant. Not in a bad way, but in the humbling kind of way that makes you realize that you are only a speck in this landscape, A spectator, and that everything which surrounds you is beautiful not because you say it is or because you take a photo from the right angle, but because it naturally exists in this way. 

window photo truck.jpg